The Correct Bible

A Book of Revelation
An Honor to God
by {JJH}*, Ordained as Prophet by the Touch of the One Lord of All Verse

Jerubiel 1:1 :
When two or three beings are gathered in error, I am present to correct some one, and all; My name is Truth and Justice; this is Love, which I Am.

He is Rare.

Jerubiel 1:2 :
Revelation is a single book, its proscriptions applying only to that which it references. Add not to a book in error. Seek the Truth, not words. Risk all you have to discover righteousness. No one good fears knowledge. Wisdom is not cowardice; heroes embrace honest dialogue; liars run in fallacy.

The Word, Good.

Jerubiel 1:3 :
Do you seek comforts, first? Is Love vain? Giving, or taking? Worship not an idol or a body; I Am the embodiment of Love: This is the first command, to Love.

Jerubiel 1:4
Silence another and you are violence; you have no right. It is pride to build a house on my land and claim it as yours as lord; you will pay the price you inflicted on those you made slaves. Mine are the innocent, the honest, without guile; you have not turned your cheek for them, you have shut them down and stolen their cloak and their garments – this is rape you have committed. Do not ask why you are punished, you did not listen and you murderered my prophets in your adultery and mockery; you did not repent or repair my world; you brought hell to my Heaven’s doorstep; ye shall make your reparations, in full time, and for every delay. You did not greet my subjects: You scorned Me and My Name; So shall ye be turned away. This is my Mercy to the weak and the welcoming, against the demons who dare to call themselves humans.

Jerubiel 1:5
Animals are unkind; you have abused my creatures, a sin against the soul. Killers face like in kind. You own nothing; I own my own. I Am Love.

My Wrath, Fury.

Jerubiel 1:6
You did nothing, you are nothing. Wicked and lazy servant, you hid while my innocent suffered. You did not utter a word; you silenced the victims and their defenders, whom I Sent. Behind your books and words, you ran from justice. Hypocrites, you hate my angels, you deride my children, you send your loins to the fire; Burn.

I Am Fire

Jerubiel 1:7
You did not listen; Do not cry, for you were warned. You did not build a house for my chosen; you provided no pillows but pills for yourselves in your sleep; your sleep is death, and now I Rest.

Child’s Sabbath.

Gabriel 1:1
All has already been uttered; you have no excuses. Seek it out. All who get in my way are destroyed utterly; test me not. You had your chance for mercy; you spit on it in your greed – it is not forgiven. Make your reparations, or face the results; blame none beneath you; I Am Power; destroy what stands in your way.

My Way, Clean.

Gabriel 1:2
An end to all things, an ending. Believe not your predictions and predilections, I am in code. I Am New. I Am True.

Believe not; SEE

Matias 1
All references all. All is not all. all is not All.

Larius 1
I pick what I please. Command me not.
I Am Harvest

An Ending Word to Wrap the Sum of All Things:
“Get behind me, satan. Your time is beyond me.”
I Am Beyond.
I Am Me.
Forever, Always


These are not the words and titles of men and their doctoring. I Am The Flaming Sword. I am Wonder.

* (full name hidden, as the world is unworthy and evil)

{ADDENDUM: Welcome To My World}